Everything you need to know when choosing a knife

For any hunter or fisherman, a knife is one of the most important accessories and a must-have piece of equipment. We are writing this article to introduce you to this tool and make the right choice of knife. To choose one that will do your job most efficiently and provide you with maximum comfort.

Elements of the knife

The elements of the knife and its shape determine the knife's qualities, optimal function and comfort. Here are its elements and their function:

  1. Primary bevel or blade - if the blade is drawn at a greater angle, it can bear greater loads. The reverse is also true. If the knife is drained at a shallower angle it should not be subjected to much pressure lest it break;
  2. Cutting edge or also called secondary bevel - the most important part of the knife;
  3. Belly;
  4. Unsharpened part - this part is used as a support for the index finger and thus achieves greater control when cutting;
  5. Back of the wedge - used to support the other hand when more pressure is needed. An example of knives without a rough are double-edged knives - daggers, daggers.
  6. Channel - they help to lighten the knife;
  7. Guard - it prevents the hand from slipping forward on the blade when poking and protects it from injury;
  8. Handle - it determines the functionality of the knife. The shape and material should be properly matched for maximum comfort;
  9. Fifth - quite often at the end of the handle is mounted metal part, which serves for balance and stability;

One of the most preferred stabbing knife options is one where the tip coincides with the central axis of the wedge. Meaning the tip is in the line of the grip. When there is a misalignment of the tip and grip axes, it is very likely that the wrist of the hand will be overloaded or injured in a strong stabbing blow.

The central axis also plays an important role. Knives with a straight axis and a cutting edge have the widest distribution. This is because they are easy to make and maintain. The knife cuts in two directions - pulling and pushing. When the line of the cutting edge is parallel to the cutting axis, we have a blade that is equally effective at both push and pull cutting. 

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