Top 5 Christmas gifts for a hunter friend

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Christmas is near, you have a friend or relative hunter, and you have no idea what gift to give him? We at Hunter Geogre have made a list of the top 5 Christmas gifts for any hunter.

1. Backpack

It is a mandatory accessory after the rifle. A good backpack is suitable for any season, terrain or activity. It should hold all your hunting gear. Hunter George offers you a wide selection of backpacks for an exciting hunting experience. You can browse the collection and place your order here .

2. Leather bandanna

The Kanye is an accessory that should be owned by every hunter. It is a more specific gift as it comes in different sizes according to the knife owned. If you want to impress with quality and polished detail - Hunter George is your online shop. Made in different sizes and high quality calf leather, they are part of the most desired Christmas gifts. You can browse here .

3. Armour for dogs

With this gift you would please not only a friend or relative, but also his best helper and companion - his dog. The armour for dogs is designed and tailored for the comfort and especially the safety of the dog. It is made of colors that are highly visible to the hunter in a forest setting. And the material they are made of protects when attacked by a wild animal.

4 .Hunting trousers

Hunter George's range of hunting trousers feature breathable waterproof, noiseless fabric, pocket flaps for rain protection and ankle adjusters. Visit online shop and select your desired size. This would be a great Christmas gift to extend the hunting season through December and January.

5. Patronuses

They make it into our list of top 5 Christmas gifts because, through them, the hunter stores his cartridges in a quickly accessible place. The cartridges can be from Open и closed type, made to your caliber. And Hunter George offers a special holster in one. It is made of leather, in your desired caliber, and the holster can be made for different models of pistols.

In an article we have collected the most desirable Christmas gifts according to the long-standing practice of Hunter George.

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