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One of the most enjoyable types of individual deer hunting is about to open. Roe deer (the female) and roe deer (the male) are herbivorous mammals of the order Artiodactyla that live in the northern parts of Europe. They are widespread in our country, both in the field and in the mountains and a desirable hunting object. Males (roe deer) have horns - short and erect, which they lose in winter, and in spring for the new breeding season they grow back. Growing up, the new horns are covered with skin, which gradually disappears. The colouration of both male and female varies from season to season. In summer they are reddish-gold, and in winter they darken to brown and black. The faces are always grey.

The doe mates from mid-July to mid-August as the female chooses the male. He impregnates her after a long chase. And if he fails to pursue her, she seeks a stronger mate. Unlike other deer, there are no fierce mating struggles to eliminate the weaker males. A doe usually gives birth to one or two fawns. They live with their mothers throughout the summer, and in autumn they join together in larger herds.

Best time for hunting

May is a good month for selective hunting of males. This hunt is for sick and weak animals in order to prevent the roe deer from passing on their genes later during the rut. Poorly developed and degraded horns (asymmetrical or fused) are also a prerequisite for selective hunting. According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, roe deer are hunted with rifled or smooth-bore weapons loaded with a single bullet. Hunting is conducted by dispersal. The distances of 100 to 200 meters are the most preferred.

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