Automatic knife DULOTEC K186A

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    The Dulotec K186A is the perfect knife for all situations, no matter what your cutting task, it will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

    In many ways it is the typical automatic knife, with the blade in front (OTF). It boasts a superbly fast double action, allowing you to open or close the knife at the touch of a thumb slide. The quality is evident in every aspect, from its premium materials, to its flawless fit and finish, to its innovative, highly functional design.

    There is something undeniably satisfying - even exciting - about working with an OTF knife. Whether you're looking for a knife to carry every day or just one to expand your collection, this knife will fit the bill and make you smile. The opening and closing is addictive. You won't want to put it down.

    The milled handle with a satin feel that adds grip and serious style, maximizing the security of the grip in the hand. Features a tip at the bottom for breaking car glass in an accident.

    With its impressive size, it inspires respect and esteem.


    • Blade material: quality stainless steel
    • Handle material: zinc-aluminium alloy
    • Overall length: 325 mm
    • Blade length: 145 mm
    • Blade thickness: 3 mm
    • Weight: 313 g.

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