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    Hagopur Wild Boar Pheromone Wellness-Set - Combination of very successful liquid baits. Includes: 3 x 250 ml - truffle bait, beech tar bait and pheromone bait and 1 x 100 ml - aniseed oil bait.

    The wild pig loves variety. The more different lures you use, the better the chance of attracting wildlife to your desired area. This will make it easier for them to head to that location and stay there longer.

    Pheromones (kit) - method of use:

    Apply to the desired location - trees, places where pigs live or just places where they eat by gently squeezing the bottle.


    • Extremely rich and intense, durable aroma, therefore the attraction is more durable
    • Attracts boars and wild boars, from a very long distance
    • Based on the latest research
    • Non-polluting products
    • Easy and safe to apply
    • No synthetic preparations are added

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