Breed of hunting dogs - Beagle

In the middle of the 16th century, the small hound for hunting rabbits received the name beagle. The predecessors of the breed were the foxhound, the beagle and the curry beagle. This breed is distinguished by a fine and athletic body structure. Their coat is short and dense, and the patterns on it are varied. Adult representatives of the breed reach a height of up to 40cm and a weight of up to 11 kg. Here is more interesting information on the breed of beagle hunting dogs.


They are well-meaning. By nature they like to group with other specimens of their breed. They love children. Besides being a hunting breed, they are an excellent breed to keep at home. The Beagle is a good guard dog.


This breed needs a lot of exercise - 3 hours outside or even more. It is good to have the dog on a leash during a walk, as its hunting instincts are well developed. This condition can be waived if the dog is well trained and obeys its owner's commands.

The incredible sense of smell of the breed's representatives turns them into faithful helpers not only in hunting, but also in various spheres of life. Beagles are often used to detect bedbugs or to check luggage, at airports.

This breed of dog does not like to be left alone for long. They demonstrate this by howling or destructive behavior.


It would be a good idea to monitor the amount of food you give your dog. They are greedy and it is a good idea to keep food cupboards and bins well closed. Otherwise you run the risk of him getting into a cupboard, sniffing his favourite food.

It's a good idea to feed your dog twice a day - after the morning and evening walk. don't be fooled by the fact that they always eat everything, because they tend to get fat and have stomach problems.

Choose this breed of hunting dog if you have the time and patience needed. Train it and it will be your faithful companion at home and while hunting.