Basic rules when cleaning our hunting weapons

Whether you are a hunter or just a gun owner, you need to know how to take care of it properly.

Every weapon should always work flawlessly. For this to be the case the barrel and all mechanisms must be cleaned immediately after purchase. It should be inspected, the factory grease cleaned and the trigger mechanism checked for proper functioning. And only then to shoot it somewhere outside the city, on a suitable terrain or on a special shooting range.

If you neglect the gun and don't clean it regularly, rust will probably soon appear on it. Therefore, monthly maintenance should be carried out, regardless of whether the weapon is used. The cause of rust is moisture, so keep the gun in a dry place, and if the weather is rainy use a case for protection.

There are quite good and complete gun cleaning kits. Their contents are complete, and in addition to soft and hard brushes to remove the soot they also have soft kits for applying lubricant. This way you will always be prepared for any weapon and caliber.