Leather craftsmanship: traditional techniques in hunting products

Discover the unique synergy between traditional leatherworking techniques and stylish hunting accessories from Hunter George.

Hunting is a real passion! At Hunter George, we believe that traditional leatherworking techniques are the root of true craftsmanship. In the world of handcrafting, we give each product a unique character and memorable look by combining ancient techniques with modern demands for quality, design and durability.

Our methods not only give the Hunter George brand hunting accessories a distinctive look, but also ensure their outstanding durability and functionality.


The first stage in the production process, represents the artifice of nature. This method gives the leather a natural softness and exceptional resistance to external influences. We carefully select the finest cork extracts, ensuring refinement and durability in every piece of leather.


The next step is not just applying color. It's the art of selecting the paints, each of which not only gives an individual hue, but also prevents fading and wear. We prefer natural paints, joining in with environmental standards and preserving the beauty of the skin.


The final step in the process, completes the carefully crafted design. Traditional methods not only enhance the look, but also ensure that Hunter George hunting accessories are resilient and extremely durable. This final stage gives the products an exceptional texture and highlights their individual features.

In a world saturated with mass production, Hunter George's range of products combines tradition with exceptional quality. Every piece of leather that leaves our workshop is not just a hunting accessory; it is a work of art, interwoven with history and style. We create heritage, and each piece is a guide to the unique world of hunting. Experience the magic of true quality and choose a hunting brand that will always be your faithful hunting companion.

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