Hunting birds - Partridge

Pedrix perdix or partridge is a bird of the pheasant family. It is found in most of Europe and Asia. It inhabits open areas sown with agricultural crops. Partridges are usually rusty and brownish in colour, and the male is distinguished by a dark patch on the breast surrounded by a narrow white stripe. The female weighs about 300-350 grams and the male about 500 grams.

Lifestyle and nutrition

The partridge leads a sedentary lifestyle. Remarkable in this bird species is that in the northern regions it can withstand up to - 50 degrees. It lives mostly in kin groups, separating only during the breeding season. The partridge feeds on cereals, various plants and insects.

Its enemies are raptors, mammals of prey, reptiles such as hawks, falcons, ferrets, foxes, weasels, wolves and snakes.


At the beginning of the year, pairs form and occupy a certain territory. In May-June the female lays up to 12 eggs, which she hides well under a bush or dense vegetation. The female can incubate up to 18 eggs, and they are spaced apart. After the young are born, they spend some time in the nest, then go out with the mother in search of food. It takes three weeks for the chicks to fly as adults.

Partridge hunting

In Bulgaria, partridge hunting is allowed from 1 October to 30 November. The most suitable breed of dog for partridge hunting is the English Pointer, proven to sniff out game from 300 m. This bird almost always settles near fields with forage crops, preferring the tall grass between the fields and open areas with few bushes.

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