Hunting dogs - the most preferred breeds

Read HunterGeorge's article and get to know some of the most preferred dog breeds for hunting. Learn which are their advantages according to the different type of hunting.

They are a hunter's best friend. Hardy, with excellent sense of smell and eyesight. For millennia they have been an invariable companion when hunting. Hunting dogs help in finding, bringing down and contributing game. Depending on the type of game desired to hunt, certain breeds are more suitable.

Labrador Retriever

A hunting breed of dog, with a good temper, adaptable, intelligent and loyal companion. He has a large and well developed nose. It is a preferred breed when hunting waterfowl as it is an excellent swimmer. He excels in aquatic environments comparatively to other selfs. Its thick double coat allows it to dive even in cold waters to retrieve prey. It has a gentle bite that does not injure game.


He is also known as the German short-haired poultryman. They have a very well developed muscular system, which allows them to do long runs without difficulty. Running ahead of the hunter, the Kurzhaar points out the location of the prey and stops right next to it. The dog has a very well developed memory and with proper training and patience on the part of the hunter, become one of the most desirable breeds for hunting. They hunt effortlessly under the noise of gunshots and collect their prey. The breed is suitable for hunting not only birds, but also rabbit and deer.


He is a leader in fox hunting in England. The beagle is descended from greyhounds. A cheerful, friendly and very energetic dog. Most often used by us when hunting rabbits. The Beagle is characterized by great spatial orientation, which makes it the hunter's best companion.
The breed has a very highly developed sense of smell and for this reason it is quite often used by the authorities to detect contraband.

English Cocker Spaniel

This breed is very energetic, friendly and is distinguished by its exceptional attachment to its owner. The English Cocker Spaniel is very easy to train, very energetic and agile dog. It is most often used for bird hunting. The Cocker can swim well and is excellent at hunting waterfowl.

Dogo Argentino

A dog born to be a hunter. The Dogo Argentino possesses very strong physical strength, due to this fact it must be well educated and trained. It is a breed of hunting dogs that are fearless and has an excellent sense of smell. This makes it an excellent breed when hunting boars. In South America it is used to drive away cougars and other animals that damage agriculture.

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