Hunting dogs - English Setter

English Setter - is a popular breed of hunting dogs. They are also perfect as pets because of their friendly disposition. The royal families in England used it as a companion dog. It gets along great with children and loves to socialize with people.

History of the breed

The history of the English Setter began in the 16th century when English aristocrats set about creating a new hunting breed. For this purpose, representatives of the breeds Great Water Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel and Spanish Pointer were crossed. The result was a beautiful dog with perfect working qualities.

Characteristics of the English Setter Hunting Dog

It is used for hunting pheasants, quails and partridges. The breed is widespread throughout Europe. Curiously, the dog "looks down its nose" and for this it is highly prized by passionate hunters. The dog is medium-sized and well-proportioned. It is easy to train and this is another reason why it is a preferred breed.

Interesting facts about English Setter

The English Setter is almost silent while hunting, as its silky coat reduces friction with the branches of the bushes it passes in pursuit of game. The English Setter is a fast runner that can maintain the same speed for a long time. When he senses the game he stands and then breaks into a light jog, moving so that his chest almost touches the ground. 


This breed of dog may exhibit a desire to dominate its owner. This can be curbed by assertive leadership from the owner. Another disadvantage is a highly developed hunting behavior. It is therefore not advisable to let it run free in town. It could get injured or lost if it chases another animal.