Dogs for hunting - the most preferred breeds part 2

Dogs - the most faithful friends of the hunter. They are an invariable companion in hunting experiences.


In continuation of our previous article "Hunting dogs - the most preferred breeds" , we continue with the presentation of the most desirable dog breeds for hunting.

1. Dackel

Dachshund or also called the "badger" dog. The dog is characterized by courage and quick training. It shows good qualities when following a blood trail and during underground hunting. The Dachshund was selected in Germany to fight badgers. Its short legs and elongated body help it to get into their holes and fight them there. Besides a hunting dog, the dachshund is a desirable pet.

2. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the most ancient dog breeds and a symbol of Ireland. He is in the ranking for the largest dog on the planet. It has a muscular body, thick and hard coat, and variations are allowed - grey, black, white, reddish brown. The Irish Wolfhound has a well-developed intellect and is therefore easy to train. Usually this breed of dogs does not attack first, but retaliates to an attack. It is used in hunting wolves and wild boar.


This breed gets its name from the Grand Duke of Weimar, Charles Augustus. The Weimaraner is the tallest of all greyhounds. The silver-grey or brown short hair and the elongated legs give elegance and grace to this breed. They are characterized by their alertness and for this they are ideal guard dogs. They love to swim and fetch their prey from the waters. Fast, energetic, extremely disciplined and recognized as aristocrats among their peers. Often used by the police or mountain services to carry out their professional commitments. The Weimaraner is a breed of dog suitable for hunting both small and larger game. They gently bite the prey and carry it to the owner - hunter.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

The breed is named after a famous hunter and pastor - Jack Russell. He wanted to create a breed of dog that could run as fast as a horse and catch foxes. They are known for their fearless character, agility and quick adaptation in a pack. The Jack Russell Terrier is well suited to hunting rodents and foxes, luring them in and out of their burrows. Owners of this breed of hunting dogs should be patient and take sufficient care in their training.

5. Irish Setter

As can be judged from the name of this breed, its homeland is Ireland. A highly prized breed with national treasure status in its homeland. Despite being harder to train, the Irish Setter is an excellent hunting companion. If you are energetic, persistent in training and willing to fight an untamed temper - then this is your breed of dog. Suitable for hunting birds, foxes and badgers.

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