How to choose appropriate hunting clothing?


Hunting is a hobby that takes time. You have to take care of your weapon and ammunition, have a permit, and commit to it. But that's not all. Selecting hunting clothing is an essential task.

And can we choose old clothes from our wardrobe? No! In fact, the selection of clothes for hunting is not so simple. The wrong clothing can interfere with hunting and contribute to getting into a dangerous situation.

What conditions must hunting clothing meet?

The criteria are of fundamental importance:

  • camouflage painting - or so-called camouflage. It enables the hunter to blend in with the environment and remain unnoticed by the pursued animals. What is specific here is that as the seasons change, so must the equipment. this is because the forest changes its colours. In summer the clothing must be predominantly green, in autumn - brown, and in winter - even white.
  • thermal insulation - it is important that the clothing provides full insulation, warmth and comfort, because most of the hunting season at our latitudes is in a period of low temperatures.

  • ride comfort - the hunter spends a long enough time in the clothing, for this it is important to be comfortable, to make easy movements. Clothing should be as loose and light as possible.

  • silent matter - in addition to season-appropriate colors, the outfit should be silent. Animals have better hearing than humans. And for the success of our hunt, clothing should not make noises, squeaks and other sounds.

What should hunting clothing include?

In the wardrobe of the hunter should be present clothes for all seasons.

  • jackets;
  • Sweaters;
  • Vests;
  • Pants;
  • Gloves;
  • hat;
  • Belts;
  • thermal underwear;
  • Belts;
  • hunting backpack
  • hunting bag

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