History of hunting in Bulgaria

Find out more - who has contributed to hunting in Bulgaria and how.

Hunting in Bulgaria has developed alongside the skills and image of the hunter. The history of hunting in Bulgaria is based on many traditions. The Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria is among the oldest hunting organizations in Europe.

The first chairman of the Hunting Organization was prof. Gheorghe Hristovic - zoologist, academician, public figure and hunter. He was born in Pazardzhik in 1863 and was a descendant of wealthy Bulgarians. He studied natural sciences at the University of Geneva, and after his return to Bulgaria he began to taxidermise animals. Some of them can be seen today in the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia. In 1890 prof. Hristovich participated in the establishment of the first Sofia hunting society "Sokol".

In 1898, the First Hunting Congress was held in Sofia, and from there the existence of the Bulgarian Hunting Union began - an important moment in the history of hunting in Bulgaria.

Nikolai Boev - another significant name with active participation in hunting. He contributes to the conservation of the game resources of the country. Boev is the initiator of the "Red Book of the Republic of Bulgaria", as well as the editor of the magazine "Hunting and Fishing". And in 1988, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was founded on his idea.

In the history of hunting in Bulgaria there are more significant years:

  • In 1926 the first national and local breeding and hunting farms were established by law;
  • In 1981 Bulgaria hosted the Third World Hunting Exhibition;
  • and by the end of the 20th century the country held 4 world records for red deer trophies;

The history of hunting in Bulgaria is rich and it is impossible to cover all the names that have contributed to it. But we have described some of the most important moments that have contributed to make hunting what it is today.

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