Game meat - is it useful?


All game meat lovers know that it is the lowest in fat. This is why it is suitable for consumption during diets.

Game meat is similar in structure to that of poultry. It is characterised by a darker colour and differs from other meats in chemical composition. Game meat is very rich in iron and nutrients such as vitamin E, beta carotene and selenium. It protects the cells in the body from damage. The meat also contains a large amount of protein, vitamins - B1, B2, B12 and mineral salts, calcium and copper.

Game meat - natural and hormone-free

The wild animals are fed from forests, farms and hunting areas, making their food natural. They are not domesticated and therefore there are no hormones added to it. This is the reason why their meat has this characteristic taste. Often during a diet, some of the meats are forbidden. They can be replaced with game meat. We will give the example of venison - it is high in protein and is suitable for a high-protein diet.

Which wild meat can we prepare for our table?

  1. Pheasant - the meat of this bird is present on the table of royalty and is considered a refined delicacy;
  2. Partridge - considered one of the most useful meats;
  3. Wild rabbit - the beneficial properties of rabbit meat have been appreciated since antiquity. The Roman chef Apicius recommended stuffing the animal with pine nuts, almonds, acorns and pepper;
  4. Wild duck - healthy duck meat contains trace elements, macroelements, vitamins of groups B, A, C, E, K. As one of the most important elements is iron, which is contained in moderate quantities;
  5. Venison - we can say that venison is fat-free. It contains 154 kcal per 100g, which is lower than that of chicken. It contains iron, B vitamins and also linoleic acid. It is often used in the treatment of dermatological diseases, aiding skin regeneration;
  6. Wild boar - the fat content of wild boar meat is 122 kcal per 100g. It can be included in your diet because it is twice less in fat. It contains amino acids necessary for the growth of bone and muscle tissue;

As a conclusion, we can draw that game meat is useful for building muscle mass, strengthening the nervous system and compensates for the lack of amino acids useful for our organism.

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