Wild boar - characteristics and lifestyle

A large, hairy game animal that commands the respect of every member of the animal world, namely the wild boar. It is widespread in Europe, North Africa and Asia. It is a type of chordate and a class of mammals.

The wild boar has a robust and massive body that is covered with coarse hair. In winter, its body is covered with soft and thick fur to keep the body temperature in the cold period. The colour varies from dark brown to grey.

Lifestyle and nutrition

It leads a gregarious lifestyle, forming small groups in which there are several females and their young. Older males live solitary lives. The wild boar is an omnivorous animal and eats differently during the four seasons. In spring with green vegetation and insects, apples, pears and corn. In the autumn it is necessary to feed the most, as it needs to collect a stock of fat for the winter season. Oak and beech acorns are the favorite food, bulbs, rhizomes, snails and mice also.


Under normal conditions, the wedding period of the wild boar begins in mid-November and lasts until the end of December. A wild boar is considered sexually mature after the age of two years. Her gestation lasts 140-150 days.

Usually young females give birth to 3 to 6 young, and adults - 10 or more.

When to hunt?

Wild boar is hunted in a group hunt from 1 October to the second Sunday in January. And group hunting in hunting yards at intensive game management bases (males and offspring) from 1 October to the last day of February.